Backyard Hockey Equipment Drive Prize List

Two weeks ago we told you about our Backyard Hockey Equipment Drive to benefit Restore Hockey. We’ve had some folks sign up to host equipment collection skating parties, but we need more help. What do you need to do to be entered into the prize drawings?

1 – Sign up at Backyard Ice, which lets us know you’ll be collecting used gear and sticks.

2 – Collect some gear. You can do this by hosting a skating party, a game of shinny, or just by soliciting your friends to clean out their garages and bring the stuff to your house.

3 – Let us know when we can pick it all up.

That’s it! By donating just one pair of used skates, some old pads, or a broken composite stick, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

Nicerink Pond Hockey Goals ($75 value)

6″ high by 12″ wide, these pond hockey goals will do wonders for your accuracy, and work great for those fast-paced backyard games. You’ll receive two goals, a middle crossbar, and pegs to keep the nets anchored. They can be used with the included crossbar to give you two targets on one end of your rink, or separated to give you one small net at each end.

48″ SnowPusherLite ($50 value)

Far and away the best shovel for clearing your backyard rink. A full 48″ wide, with a galzanized steel scraper on one edge and a rubber squeegee on the other.

PondRocket First Line Lid & FaceOff Shirt ($45 value)

The official outfitter of your hockey soul is donating their First Line Lid and a Faceoff Shirt. I own both of these, and they are by far the most comfortable, well-made pieces of clothing I own. Plus they’re full of badassery in the style department.

That’s the prize list for now, and we’re expecting to add a couple more items before this initiative is over. So what are you waiting for? Have some friends over, donate some gear, and put yourself in the running for some of these sick prizes., Backyard Ice, and Restore Hockey thank you.

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