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  1. Joe K.

    Built my first rink last night, have to fill it today. Just had a fresh snowfall and the kids are really excited!

  2. Brett

    Hey Im looking for a list of pond hockey tournaments for kids. I have 5 Florida Squirts that we took to Minnesota last year for the Anthony Ford Pond Tournament and had a blast. Boys ended up going undefeated. Not bad for some surfers from the sunshine state. We are looking to take this show on the road this year and find some more tourneys…Can anyone help with some suggestions for kids tourneys????
    Will bring fresh Oranges!

  3. Greg Dean


    Hope things are good.

    I’m looking for some help.
    Do you know anybody in your circles that can help our boys spread there video around?

    The video has been featured on TSN BarDown and about 5 other hockey websites.
    Looking to keep the video growing in popularity for them.

    Let me know if there is anybody you can think of that can help

    RichmondHill Stars “Playoffs” amazing highlight video
    “DownTown” video parody

    They are surprising the other Richmond Hill Stars hockey teams with this music video that the team produced.
    From Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s hit song “Downtown”, the team rocked out to their version: “Playoffs”. This music video highlights the years best and worst plays, to their own rap leading to the “Playoffs”.

    On YouTube…

    On FaceBook…

    #Amazing #RichmondHillStars #gogstarsgo #hockey #highlightvideo #Musicparody #playoffs #Amazinghighlightvideo

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