You Know You’re A Backyard Rink Builder When…

You call it "snowblowing the rink". We rinkbuilders call it "date night".

You call it “snowblowing the rink”. We rinkbuilders call it “date night”.

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Last week, we asked a simple question and elicited answers. As usual, they were insightful, funny, and interesting, and we’ve compiled them here for all to see. Have something to add? Throw it in the comments below. We’re an interesting breed, the backyard rink builder. Please don’t ever change.


“You use your garden house more in the winter than the rest of the year combined.” -MP

“You know the 10 day forecast better than you know your kids names…” -CM

“You don’t have time to clear the snow off the driveway because you’ve got to clean off the ice.” -CT

“You have to remove several dozen pucks from your yard before spreading fertilizer in the spring.” -JC

“Your basement looks like this.” -SM (Ed. note – good to see I’m doing it right -JP)

“You make it your one and only goal to get your yard as perfectly level as possible, even if that means blowing your shoulders out moving 2 dump truck loads of fill to do it.” -JT

“You’re the only one in the hose section of the local hardware store in the middle of January.” -KM

“Plywood is your boards and chicken wire is your glass.” -CR

“You’re sore all day at work because you worked all night on the ice so the kids can skate the next day.” -JJ

“That Behr exterior paint actually works at 35 degrees.” -SP

“You have an intense hatred for the combination of wind, pine needles and oak trees.” -LB

“You’re upset when the forecast call for consecutive days of above freezing temps in January and everyone else looks at you like you’re nuts.” -JM

“The kids get done skating at 1am and your anxiously waiting to resurface!” -JK

“You have a close relationship with a guy in Florida named “Captain Jay” and can debate the finer points of fishing nets with him.” -LB

“You’ve ever said the sentence, “Not tonight honey…I need to go resurface.”” -JP

Have another one? Have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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