Where In The World Is Backyard-Hockey.com?

We’re headquartered in Southern New Hampshire (USA), but our reach is global. Did you buy one of our charity magnets or purchase some gear from our store? Send us a picture and we’ll post it up here!


New York, New York 

Grant from Streaker Sports and the Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic uses one of our charity magnets to hold up a Zach Parise jersey card. Check out Streaker on Facebook or Twitter.

Atlanta, Georgia 

Longtime site supporter Mike Bradley of the Red, White & Blue Line blog brings his Backyard-Hockey.com mug to work. No word on how Pierre McGuire ended up inside. (Follow Mike on Twitter .)


Ottawa, Ontario 

Reader and fellow backyard rinkbuilder Kevin MacIsaac shows off his sweet stroke (and his custom yellow B-H.com tee) at a recent softball tourney north of the border.

Waltham, Massachusetts 

Friend and fellow rinkbuilder Len Bruskiewitz has supported this site since the beginning, and proves it at work with one of our bumper stickers…




Westford, Massachusetts 

…and at home, rocking a custom dark gray hoodie in this backyard family shot. The hoodie was a birthday gift from wife Jen, a site supporter and hockey player herself.


Phoenix, Arizona 

Who says there’s no pond hockey in Arizona? Longtime Backyard-Hockey.com partner and owner of PondRocket Gear, Ben Weber helped raise money for autism research with a charity magnet purchase, then raised a pint to the Great One. Check out PondRocket on Facebook and Twitter.




Bedford, New Hampshire 

Most people put their magnets ON their fridge, but cousin Matt props his up next to his favorite post-game (and pre-game, and sometimes mid-game) beverage.

Northbridge, Massachusetts 

If you see this bumper in your driveway, then you’re about to have a pretty sick rink installed. That’s because it belongs to Alex Rogozenski, master rinkbuilder and owner of Backyard Ice, a MA-based licensed Nicerink installer. They’re on Facebook and Twitter too.



Northbridge, Massachusetts 

Alex also went above and beyond and bought 25 of our charity magnets. Right now they guard his in-home kegerator, but he’ll be giving one to each of his customers this fall.

Bedford, New Hampshire 

This magnet, on the fridge at good friends Jeff and Diana’s place, could hold the cure for the common cold and it wouldn’t be more awesome than what it’s holding up now. Bonus points because I watched Game 7 of the Cup finals about 15′ away.



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