Announcing the Backyard-Hockey Hat Trick

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the game of hockey is its reliance on a group of individuals to come together and work harmoniously towards a common goal. As much fun as it is to tool around on a pristine sheet by yourself, nothing beats a perfectly-executed three-person weave drill or the primal satisfaction of a water-bottle-slaying one-timer from the high slot. Neither of these is possible without capable teammates at your side.

That’s why I’m excited to announce a partnership with a pair of hockey companies I have come to know, respect, and believe in. The trio of, PondRocket LLC, and Backyard Ice have teamed up to bring you the Backyard-Hockey Hat Trick. If you’re a backyard rinkbuilder, we’ve put together a package deal that you simply cannot pass up.

For starters, we’re going to give you 5% off any Nicerink liner. You have to buy one anyways, and we’re about a month away from fill day, so why not save a few bucks and buy from Alex at Backyard Ice, the Official Nicerink Distributor of  Any size, any thickness, pick-up or delivery. 5% right off the top.

“Wow, that’s great, I’m going to go there and order right away,” you say.

Hold on. We’re not done.

If you click this link, tell Backyard Ice we sent you, and buy your liner from them, they’re going to send you over to PondRocket for a little bit of shopping on them. On them? On them. Because when you order your liner here, Backyard Ice will personally buy you a PondRocket hat or t-shirt of your choice. Completely free. Wear it yourself, give it as a gift, outfit the dog. It’s free!

“Well then that does it, I’m going to go right over…”

Don’t. Not yet. There’s more.

Because it just wouldn’t be the holiday season without some giving, and Backyard Ice and PondRocket are no exception. When you order your discounted liner from Backyard Ice, owner Alex is going to donate 10% of his profits to charity. Not only that, when you choose your free item from PondRocket, owner Ben is going to donate 25% of the item’s retail price to the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program, which was established to help wounded service men and women experience the game of hockey again.

So let’s lay this out for you one more time:

  • A brand new liner, any size or thickness, from Nicerink, the best name in the backyard hockey business, for less than you’ll find it anywhere else.
  • A free tee ($25 value) or hat ($20 value) from PondRocket.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your purchase will benefit two charitable organizations who greatly appreciate your support.

As great as this Hat Trick is, don’t wait too long to take advantage. This deal ends at 11:59pm EST on November 28th, 2010. Please share this post with your network and help everyone save some money, get some free gear, and donate to some great causes.


As hockey players and hockey fans, we are nothing without our teams. Hockey blogging is no different. I am proud to skate on the same line as Backyard Ice and PondRocket, and I’m excited to be able to share them with you, my readers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take advantage of this offer myself!

This is generally where I put the link to my Affiliate Disclosure. But no Affiliate Disclosure required here, folks. I’m not making a dime on this deal. I just believe in these companies, and think they can offer a lot to my readers. So please visit both sites and let them know we sent you!

3 thoughts on “Announcing the Backyard-Hockey Hat Trick

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  2. Mary Haas

    well DARN! Already ordered mine from NICERINK last month. Should have procrastinated as usual. . . Will pass along to my fellow rink builders.

  3. Joe Post author

    Thanks Mary. Be sure to keep Alex at in your mental rolodex for next year, and we’ll try to roll out the promo a bit earlier in 2010!

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