Video Post: ‘Make Hockey Happen: Open Ice’

The names Shaun Finn and Brian Ceci may not immediately ring a bell, but chances are, if you’re a dedicated reader of this site and lover of hockey, you’ve seen (and greatly envied) their work. We first met the pair, and their eclectic group of ice-hugging friends, back in October of 2011 when we shared their first “Ultimate Getaway” video.

If you recall, the ritual started several years ago when a group of Vancouver-area friends spent a week at a lakehouse with a singular goal: to play a ton of pond hockey. The first year was tough, as they were unprepared for the terrible ice conditions they encountered. But in each successive year they’ve honed their approach and expanded their on-ice amenities, and the last few annual trips have been something to behold. Words do little to describe what the trip has become, but thankfully, Ceci and Finn’s talents in video production make words unnecessary.

So just watch. And drool. And be jealous.

Make Hockey Happen: Open Ice

To see more of their work, be sure to follow Shaun’s advertising company, FiNNesse Media, as well as Brian’s company, Brian Ceci Videography. Super talented guys!

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