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Falla: Backyard Rink – Past, Prelude or Better Off Dead?

Editor’s Note: As we hustle to get our pond hockey tournament listing finished for the 2013 season and race around preparing for season two of Elite Backyard Rinks, it helps to have some teammates to take a shift on the ice and give us a breather. The prose you’ll read below was written by Brian Falla, son of perhaps the world’s most well-known backyard rinkbuilder. I never got the chance to meet Jack, but his influence on my life and this website are well-chronicled. Thankfully, I’ve gotten to know Brian over the last few years, and I’m hoping this is the first in what will be many contributions to a site he unknowingly helped build. So please, welcome Brian with your comments, tweets, and Facebook shares as we officially kickoff the 2012-2013 backyard rink season.