Labatt Blue Buffalo’s 2011 Pond Hockey Video

Sick of this heat? Angered at the thought of people swimming at your local ponds and lakes? Want to remind yourself what it’s like to shiver? Well, prop open your freezer door, sit in front of it, and check out the 2011 video from the Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament. The video features a visual menagerie of hockey action, tournament scenery, and of course, people drinking beer. So while it may be in the 80’s as you read this, take solace in the fact that we’re closer to the 2012 tournament season than we are from the 2011 one.

2 thoughts on “Labatt Blue Buffalo’s 2011 Pond Hockey Video

  1. Rick Chappell

    I am thinking of forming a Team consisting of Young 20 something People that I Coached when they were just Mite’s Squirt’ Pee Wee’s!!!

  2. Joe Proulx Post author

    Don’t you love it when another generation passes through? I’d be lying if I didn’t look forward to when my kids are 21+…hope I still have enough left in the tank (and hope they still want to hang with me) enough to put together a squad.

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