Ross Bergen’s 2010-2011 Backyard Rink Video

Last June we introduced you to an enterprising 22-year-old named Ross Bergen. Bergen, a student at UMass Boston, has been building a rink in his parents’ backyard since 2007, and produced a time-lapse video of his 2009-2010 rink. To date, the video has over 130,000 views on Youtube.

Last week I received an email from Ross with a link to his 2010-2011 video. Hard as it may be to believe, his cinematography and post-production skills have only improved. And, presumably, so too has his toe drag.

Check it out:

When we last spoke of Ross, we closed with the following paragraph:

And who knows, with his passion for cinematography, skateboarding, and slapshots, maybe one day he’ll retire to the living room to watch a documentary he’s created.  Because with the maturity and motivation of someone twice his age, there isn’t anything Ross Bergen could do that would surprise.

After seeing this year’s video, is there any doubt that this kid is going places? I, for one, can’t wait to see what he does next year.

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