EA Sports Releases New ‘NHL Slapshot’ Trailer

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore video gamer by any means. The only current-generation system I own is a Nintendo Wii, I’ve never so much as held a controller for the XBOX 360, and I have never once stood in line to make sure I got a game the day it came out. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever purchased a non-Madden, non-Tiger game in the same year it came out. But I know hockey, and I know what my wish list would be for a Wii hockey game. And from the ability to play on a backyard rink as a peewee to the inclusion of the hockey stick accessory, it looks like EA nailed it.

I posted this link back in early June to a story about EA Sports’ first entry into the Wii landscape, this fall’s NHL Slapshot. While the text and images in that article alone were enough to make me consider putting in for a week of vacation time immediately following the game’s release, these trailers have me considering making it a month.

Some of these have been around for a bit, but this first one was tweeted by @EASPORTSNHL just over an hour ago. It shows more of what the gameplay will be like for the user, and what kind of movements will be required to rip a backscratcher from the point or to Boychuk a hapless forward at center ice.

And if you haven’t seen them, here are a few of the other NHL Slapshot trailers:

The more I watch these, the more I can’t wait for this game to come out. When Blake Wheeler gets knocked off the puck by a 4’6″ kid on a backyard rink, you KNOW you’re dealing with a realistic simulation! Be sure to check back here for my full review shortly after it’s released (or sooner if I can get the folks at EA Sports PR to hook me up with an advanced review copy…*cough*).

If you’d like to pre-order your copy, you can do so by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “EA Sports Releases New ‘NHL Slapshot’ Trailer

  1. Rogo

    just about ready to hit the ‘add to cart’ button from your amazon link provided….any idea how do you order a second stick with this? couldn’t find it as a stand alone product at all.

  2. Joe Post author

    Rogo, first off, thanks for reading and buying. I can’t wait for next week!

    As for the second stick, I’m tracking that info down as we speak. The folks on @easportsnhl on twitter are going bananas because of the NHL 11 release, so having trouble getting an answer. I agree, it’ll be no fun to have to wait to play multi-player. All I can say for now is that you are unable to pre-purchase the stick accessory. So go ahead and buy the game, and I’ll let you know (on twitter, FB, and in a blog post) when the stick will be available separately. Hopefully on Day 1 (or sooner).

    And let me know how you like it once you play!

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