Honda’s ‘Other’ Hockey Commercials

A few months ago, we posted the video of Honda’s ‘Outdoor Rink’ commercial. In it, US hockey legends Mike Richter, Neal Broten, and Pat LaFontaine drive their assorted Hondas to a pond in Minnesota and build a little pond hockey rink for the neighborhood folks to enjoy. Northern Americana at its best.

Today we bring you two more. I’m actually in the market for a new SUV, and in my internet research travels, came upon Honda’s hat-trick of hockey-based commercials. In addition to ‘Outdoor Rink’, Honda produced two other commercials of note, ‘5AM Practices” and ‘Reliability’. As someone who remembers getting half-dressed in a pre-dawn living room (and who is looking forward to doing the same with my son very soon), I find these commercials to be very nostalgic and well-done. Kudos to Honda for recognizing this niche market.

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5AM Practices


2 thoughts on “Honda’s ‘Other’ Hockey Commercials

  1. Scott

    Joe, I love those commercials, and the funny thing is that Danny loves the early games – the earlier the better as far as he is concerned. The video shots capture all the subtleties of early morning hockey. There is nothing like snow falling into the beams of the headlights and the sound of crunching snow under the tires of the car as you pull into the rink.

    Danny’s had his first practices of the season, which seems hard to believe. But we are looking forward to winter and to early morning hockey. – Scott

  2. Joe Post author

    Wow, hockey practice and 95-degree weather. It must be New England and August. I both miss it and look forward to it in the next couple years. And I owe you an e-mail!

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