Ryan Donald’s sick backyard move on Matt Dalton

If this isn’t a backyard rink move, then I don’t know what is.  Or, as they say in the Pond Hockey documentary, “PARK MOVE!”  Either way, Ryan Donald showed some nifty hands during the final day of the Boston Bruins’ Development Camp during a breakaway drill.  Donald, a smahht kid out of Yale and a Bruins non-roster invitee to their Dev camp, isn’t exactly a shoe-in to get a pro contract after camp (Update – I was wrong! Good for Ryan: http://b.globe.com/cmNDJg). But after this little dipsy-do, he’ll at least be able to tell his grandkids that he made VP Cam Neely, GM Peter Chiarelli, and coach Claude Julien smile.  And even if he never makes it to the big leagues, he’ll always have Youtube.  And, of course, backyard-hockey.com.

Thanks to youtube member SCHWINIEG for the video.

Here’s a recap of the final day of B’s Dev Camp courtesy of bostonbruinsTV, with Donald’s goal coming at the 0:40 mark.

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