Top 12 Backyard-Hockey Posts

As we approach the six-month birthday of Backyard Hockey, and after putting together a set of site statistics for a potential advertiser, I thought it might be a good time to list out our most popular blog posts. The majority of this list is based on site analytics and the number of page views each post received, but I also thought it might be cool to dig up some posts from before the domain name change, when this was just a relatively unread diary of my own backyard rink. The first post is far and away the most popular on this site thanks to its inclusion on Puck Daddy, but some of the rest might be new to you. And unless you’re my wife or you happened upon our old domain name around November 2008, I can bet you’ve never read the last one – it was my first-ever post on a blog that continues to grow larger than I ever imagined.

Which one is your favorite?

1 – Savard’s Stick Pic Not Surprising

2 – Honda’s ‘Outdoor Rink’ Commercial

3 – How to build a Homeboni

4 – Super Chexx Bubble Hockey

5 – 2010 Chatter Cup Hockey Tournament

6 – Backyard-Hockey Profiles: Bob DeGemmis

7 – Sidney Crosby’s ‘Sticks’ Gatorade Commercial

8 – Backyard-Hockey Profiles: Ron Landrus

9 – On hockey, life, and waiting for the things we want

10 – Why create a backyard rink?

11 – Classic

12 – So we’re building a rink! (our first post)

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3 thoughts on “Top 12 Backyard-Hockey Posts

  1. Scott

    If I had to choose one, I choose “Classic” – it’s short, to the point, and speaks from the heart, which is our ultimate goal, isn’t it? Besides, sometimes the gems are hidden and overlooked.

    That being said: I have been around since your blogging beginnings and have to say that all of your posts are worth reading. From 603 Hookset to Back-Yard you have entertained and made us think along the way. You have come a long way…and I have a feeling you will take us a lot further.

    Keep your elbows down, your head up and please, keep writing!


  2. Matt

    Gotta go with your original because when i clicked on it, the picture at the top was of me teaching Brady to skate.
    Can’t wait to get Brady and RJ back out there this winter…

  3. Joe Post author

    I have a vote in from my dad, who replied to the RSS e-mail in lieu of commenting here: “DEFINITELY NUMBER TEN”.

    I actually don’t have a favorite. The first few are a bit awkward to post, since I wrote them back when I had 15 site visits per week and I figured I’d just keep a journal of my hockey thoughts online. Now that they’re on Facebook, Twitter, and I’m seeing 1000+ pageviews per month, it’s a little scary. But the comments and feedback has been nothing but positive, making it that much easier to keep writing. Thanks for that, guys.

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