Double-barrel action

The two lumbering bodies moved slowly in the night air.  Ice and snow sprayed wildly as they moved.   The crescent moon provided little illumination as the two maneuvered as if in a pre-set pattern.  Warm breath crystallized in quick white puffs.

A game of late-night one-on-one?  I wish.

Instead, my dad and I spent two hours chugging through the eight-inches of ice and snow left over from Wednesday’s storm.  With a pre-Super Bowl skating party looming, we had to bring out a pair of snowblowers to clear the rink.   To say that we worked those machines hard is an understatement.  Wednesday’s storm included about 6″ of snow followed by a couple inches of ice, which made for slow going and thousands of huge chunks of ice getting sprayed outside the rink.  But it’s done, and I couldn’t have done it without my dad.  Planning on flooding tomorrow with the homeboni and hosting a little shindig on Sunday!

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