Christmas skate? Maybe not.

Two days before Christmas, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  The temps have been frigid, and perfect for ice making, but half my rink is covered in about 8″ of snow.  Due to the high winds and the layout and air flow around my rink, the other half has had the snow blown clean off, leaving about half the rink with solid, walkable ice.  The snow that covers the other half has served as an insulator, leaving a thin layer of slush underneath.  It’s very much not walkable, and if I can’t walk on it, I can’t shovel it.  I’m still not sure I’d skate on it, and if I can’t, RJ can’t.  I’ve pretty much resigned myself to looking forward to January.  I’m sure the snow method works, but not when you get 24″ of snow in three days!

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