Let it snow, let it snow…wait…stop that snow!

We were putting the liner in on top of about 3″ of snow on Friday, and now, Sunday night, there’s about two full feet of powdery white stuff out there.  It’s difficult to see the rink, but it looks like it’s completely covered, which is not good.  I was hoping that the water would absorb the snow, which I’m told leads to a very hard white ice, but I think we’ve just gotten too much of it.  In addition, temps have been below 15 degrees for the better part of the weekend, so I imagine the water has at least partially frozen, with the very light and fluffy snow sitting on top of it.  The trouble here is that, if it proves to be this way, I cannot get out there to shovel, as I’d have nothing to stand on.  The Christmas skate is in jeopardy.

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