Curt Schilling Wants To Sell You His Backyard Rink Tools

You all remember Curt Schilling, right? Former major leaguer…bloody sock’d his way into being the 2004 World Series hero…was an avid gamer, and so he parlayed that blind love into defrauding an entire state and running his gaming company into the ground in spectacular fashion…yadda yadda. Remember?

Anyways, he’s now major league broke, and like anyone who could use a few bucks, he’s selling stuff he’s no longer using. Like his mansion, all his furniture, and just about everything he has ever owned. Want Curt Schilling’s Christmas tree stand? IT’S YOURS. Want the Pottery Barn bed his kid slept in? DONE. But of more interest to use are two items in particular, thanks to the keen eye of my buddy Jeff: his Bambini 100 ice resurfacer and his Craftsman Ice Mower.

Both the Ice Mower as well as the Bambini line of resurfacers (as seen here) are built and sold by a small Vermont company owned by Damien Renzello. The 100-gallon Bambini that Schilling is selling retails for around $1100, and is designed to be filled and then towed (by lawn tractor) around your rink. The ride-on Ice Mower (essentially a modified lawn tractor) retails for north of $3000. I’ve never seen or tried either, but they’re admittedly pretty cool looking.

IMG_8099 . IMG_8104

But most interestingly (to me and probably nobody else), this means Schilling has a backyard rink. Or, I suppose, HAD a backyard rink. And it’s not often that it comes to light that your local World-Series-hero-turned-sad-face drops down a liner and prays for cold like the rest of us. I wanted to know more, so I dug around a bit.

This page has a number of images of the palatial house that Schilling is selling. Aside from the standard $2.9M home offerings like a pool, a theater room, and a beach volleyball court, alas, the home does boast a backyard rink.


The rink appears to use full boards and seems to be quite long and narrow — 50’x100′, maybe? Perhaps even narrower? Overhead satellite images don’t appear to capture the rink at all, so from my research, the image above is all we have. You can see basketball hoops in the background, indicating a sport court is the base layer, and some large triangular outriggers on the far left. Is it refrigerated? Who built it for him? Did he DIY? Are the boards recycled indoor boards (which they appear to be), or did he use a backyard-specific vendor, like our friends up at Center Ice Rinks?

If you’re in the New England area, you can likely have a couple of these questions answered on Saturday, October 12th. That’s when the estate sale is planned (details here). And while it does not appear he’s selling his rink boards separately, it will be interesting to see how much a used Ice Mower or Bambini resurfacer go for. Particularly since they were owned by such a unique and polarizing celebrity.

Do you have any info on the Schilling rink? Comment below.

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