Summer Cooldown: BC Pond Hockey Series

It’s a bit of milestone day here in Southern New Hampshire. No, not a birthday or anniversary or anything like that — it’s air conditioner installation day. With temps in the 70’s and 80’s for the foreseeable future, it’s time to forget about sticks, pucks, frozen boogers, and pond hockey with the boys. Or is it?

For the next few months, we’re going to attempt to keep your shorts-and-tanktop-clad selves firmly grounded in what we think is the best season: outdoor hockey season. To that end, each Friday we’ll share with you a pond hockey video created by people who love a Labatt’s stuck into the snowbank even more than a Labatt’s by the grill. People whose idea of fun on the lake involves a rubber biscuit — not a rubber dingy. And people who sit by the pool on a beautiful July day and think “Only a few more months and this will be PERFECT.”

You know, people like you and me.

First up is a video from our friends at the BC Pond Hockey Series out in British Columbia. They’ll be hosting a pair of events for 2013, one in Invermere and one in Prince George, but the video below is from the 2012 event in Invermere. It’s very well done, and will chill you just as well as the 5,000BTU unit sitting in my window.

So put your feet up, turn off the AC, don your bucket, and enjoy the first entry in our Summer Cooldown series!

Have a video you’d like to share as part of our Summer Cooldown series? Let us know about it!

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