Sick Move: Lumberjack Travis Walsh With An Outdoor Special

‘Sick Move’ is a new segment here at Though we’ve posted videos of ridiculous breakaway moves before, we never had a clever name to group them together. Problem solved. The goals of the ‘Sick Move’ series are to make you say “Holy $#!@”, then have the sudden urge to go outside and dangle like mad until dinner time. If you don’t do both of those things, I’ve failed you as a blogger. To find prior Sick Move entries, click here.

Muskegon (MI) Lumberjack defenseman Travis Walsh is our latest entry into the Sick Move Pantheon with this little “here you go, back here, woop, nope this way” number in a game against Cedar Rapids this past weekend. Here’s the video, with a link for our RSS/e-mail list folks:

Even better than the move? His post-game quote, courtesy of Lumberjacks’ play-by-plan man Christopher Heimerman:
“I didn’t have the move planned, but for some reason I got an urge to do it … I came up with it five years ago when I was messing around with pucks on an outdoor rink. I didn’t really think I was going to do it until right before I did it. It ended up working out well.”

Walsh is now 17, playing his last year of junior hockey before starting his career with Michigan State. I’ve taken a math class or two in my day, so that means he developed this move when he was TWELVE YEARS OLD. How awesome is that? One day you’re fiddling with pucks on your backyard rink, and 1,825 days later the video of the move you invented is going viral across the world.

(Parents: please don’t make Timmy stay outside for more than 6 hours just because of this video. I’m just saying…)

Props to Puck Daddy, Buzzing The Net, and cousin Matt for bringing this gem to my attention.

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