We have ice…only it’s the wrong kind

What a crazy few days!  On Thursday night, 12/12, we were hit with one heck of an ice storm.  At its peak, it knocked out power to over 400,000 NH residents, which is about seven times the highest amount PSNH has ever had to deal with in one event.  We were one of the casualties.  After setting up shop at my dad’s house for a few days, our power was restored sometime Tuesday.  As of right now, we’re warm, sitting under functional ceiling lights, and writing this post online. 

The rink had only one minor casualty, that being the netting I spoke of in the previous post.  The ice storm pulled the netting onto the ground, and since I was concerned that the netting would interfere with the liner placement, I removed it all and tossed it in the garage.  Once the rink is up and the netting becomes relevant, I’ll put it back up.

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