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Repairing leak under the ice, now frozen on top

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:46 pm
by matlaab
I was having a great game of 2x2 the other day (ignoring the creaking of the ice) and I fell through the ice near the boards. I must have cut the liner with my skates. It did not look like it was cut (although it was hard to tell), but there is visible evidence of leaking now - large pool of ice outside the boards near where the break was. Also I've noticed the overall water level is down (I marked with a sharpie).

But, it is all frozen on top, and my yard is uneven, so normally there would be water under where the break was. The yard slopes so the shallow end looks like it is frozen to the ground (esp with the water leaking out), and the deep end is where the cut is.

I'm thinking I'll have to break the ice again, without doing further damage to the liner then try and apply some of the liner fixing tape if I can find the leak? Its going to be a little difficult to do. Any suggestions - hit with an axe? hot water?

If I do fix it and add more water - should I just spray on top? make a hole and put the water underneath?

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

Re: Repairing leak under the ice, now frozen on top

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:15 pm
by wilsondmw
If you could post pictures that would be helpful---just to see what you are dealing with. I think water (from a hose, cold will work just as well as warm) should melt a hole through the ice near where the tear is and then you should hopefully be able to seal it with tape---do you have the good tape? It is amazing what that stuff can do...