Summer Cooldown: 2011 US Pond Hockey Championships

Here in Southern NH, we’re experiencing our third day in a row of 90+ degree temps. And that can only mean one thing: it’s time to grab a cooler, fill it with ice, plant your ass in it, and watch this week’s Summer Cooldown video. Today’s clip takes us back to the 2011 US Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis in Minnesota. For those of you who followed pond hockey over the last few years, you already know that the 2011 USPHC was one of the coldest in the event’s history, with temps early on Friday well below zero. In other words, it was PERFECT. Boogers frozen inside your nose, toes that you only know are still there because you can see them, and the satisfying “PLUNK” of rubber on pine echoing off the trees for three straight days.


So thanks to Ryan at BB-Cue Video and the boys at TST Media for taking us out of the swelter and back into the cold. Only seven more months until we get to do this again.

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