‘Hockey in the USA – Part I’ Released!

I am very excited to announce that the long-awaited documentary, Hockey in the USA – Part I, is now available for viewing right here on Backyard-Hockey.com. To view, simply click this link.

What will you see? You’ll see a 47-minute documentary that follows its director, Steve Chernoski, as he travels from Washington, DC, to Portland, ME, in an attempt to check hockey’s pulse in a number of different communities. The film will educate you on initiatives currently in place to help grow the game, but also shed light on the areas that need more attention.

So take a look, and add your comments to the film’s page. The film alone won’t solve any problems. But the hope is that it will spawn the right conversations, which will hopefully lead to action in our hockey circles. And let’s not leave this action up to the professional teams, the local governments, or the youth organizations. What can YOU do to grow the game? We’re about to find out.