Making progress

After a solid three hours out with the rink today, we’re just about in business.  RJ and I started the fun as we lugged out the extension cords, work lights, and cordless drill.  After testing and running electrical out to the lights, we mounted them on the existing fenceposts and trained the beam at the rink.  Then my dad (who is living with us after selling his house) joined us, and we put the 2′ tall boards into the deep end.  These boards were an emergency stopgap after flooding last year, since the water in the shooting end reaches just below the top of the 12″ boards.  With RJ as my trusty screw-finder-and-handler, we drilled the 2′ boards in place.  Once RJ retreated inside to warm up with mom, my dad and I lugged the liner out to the rink and positioned it over the boards.  We clamped it down, smoothed it out, and as we speak, water is running into it.  I have no illusions of filling a 6000+ gallon rink with well water, but I want to lay down just enough so that the tarp doesn’t fly away.  I’ll call tomorrow for water and hopefully we’ll have this baby filled by Monday night!

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